The Floriana FC Clubhouse. 

The House Craft School was already established in Floriana in 1937. In 1956 one finds a reference to it as the Floriana Housecraft School.

On the 12th November 2011,  the official opening was done of the Floriana Football Club’s clubhouse, a clubhouse that suits a club like our stature. The Clubhouse also  has a restaurant namely the Granaries which serves fresh dishes throughout the week, apart from the restaurant the Clubhouse has a main hall, which has all the trophy cabinets with all the honours won by Floriana Football Club throughout the years.  In this main hall meetings are organised such as the Annual General Meeting and as well the Extra-Ordinary General Meeting as stipulated by the Malta Football Association in order to present the financial estimates of the club, audited and compiled by the club’s auditors.

The Floriana Supporters Club also organises the Floriana Awards Night, in this Awards Night various honors are given out to former glories of the Club, apart from former glories of the club, the Floriana FC player of the year is given through out this event.

On the top-floor of the Clubhouse, there is the President’s and Secretary office and also the club’s boardroom in which committee meetings are held.