President :  Riccardo Gaucci

General Secretary :  Dione Borg

Treasurer :  Mario Cilia

Assistant Secretary : Ruth Brincat

Senior Vice President : Joseph Cauchi

Vice President : Peter Agius

MFA Council Member : Dione Borg

Assistant Treasurer : Frank Camilleri

Events and Media Officer : Ryan Agius

MFA Delegates : Frank Camilleri and Peter Agius

Webmaster : Alan Michael Vella 

Committee Member : Anthony Grech Sant

Co-Opted Committee Member : Mark Victor Camilleri

Social Media Administrators : Jeremy Alamango and James Torpiano

Supporters Club Chairman: Ryan Agius

Head Coach: Vincenzo Potenza

Assistant Coach: Darren Vella

Goalkeeper’s Coach: Mike Tabone

Under /19 Coach: Jurgen Pisani 

Under /19 Assistant-Coach: Ian Cachia

Osteopath: Marco Puzzilli

Team Manager : Peter Agius

Kit Manager: Florian Piscopo

Assistant Kit Manager: Francesco Boscarino

Club Doctors: Dr Pietro Monachino & Dr George Grech