Interview with Peter Agius.

During this week of preparation for the game against Melita FC, FFC Media caught up with Vice-President and Team Manager Peter Agius and asked him the following questions. 

Peter, you have been part of the Floriana F.C administration for a number of years. You have been appointed for the first time as Vice President as from this season following a strong vote of confidence in you from the club members last June in the club’s committee election. What does this mean to you? 

I have been part of Floriana FC’s committee for the past 13 years, occupying different positions within the Club. This year I have been appointed as Vice President for which I have the Club’s members to thank for their support and trust. This also further encourages me to work even harder for this glorious Club.

Having worked closely with the team for a number of years, do you believe that this current team has something extra that could lead the club to challenge for the title after many years?

Throughout the years I have worked with several groups of players and there were a number of teams which were strong namely the 2016/17 which won the FA Trophy, which I also believe could have done even better, but didn’t for some reason. I think that this season’s squad is also strong since the atmosphere and unity there is among the players along with Mr. Potenza’s hard work distinguish this season’s team from previous ones since I believe that they are capable of making each Floriana supporter’s dream a reality.

You saw various Floriana F.C coaches during your time at the club. How do you rate our current coach Enzo Potenza? 

Throughout my experience with Floriana FC, I have met and worked with several coaches of a professional level but Enzo Potenza undoubtedly stands out from the rest. I think that thanks to his hard work Floriana FC may win major honors in the near future. In a few words, Enzo Potenza is a very determined and disciplined person, two qualities that clearly make him a great coach.

The club oversaw a major transformation since President Riccardo Gaucci took the helm at the club. Administrative stability and a competitive team is nowadays clear to everyone. Do you believe President Gaucci will lead Floriana F.C to new heights in the foreseeable future?

When Riccardo Gaucci joined Floriana FC, the club was in a far from an ideal position both football-wise and financially however it was clear from the initial stages that he was going to leave an impact on our club. In fact, in recent years both the club’s finances and the team have seen drastic improvements such that under his leadership, the greens won an FA Trophy and a Super Cup and this season, he built a competitive team which is clearly capable of being front runners for major competitions as can also be seen from the statistics so far since after 11 matches we are still unbeaten in first place.

 An FA Trophy fixture against Melita is up next and then we end the First Round and 2019 with two very important league fixtures against Santa Lucia and Sliema. How much these fixtures can prove to be significant if Floriana F.C manages to maintain top spot before the start of the Second Round? 

The match against Melita is extremely important since the FA Trophy is one of the most prestigious honors in Maltese football. However, the matches against Santa Lucia and Sliema are of equal importance such that we are preparing for them with hard work and dedication and the players know how important these matches are, as ending the first round on such a good note would obviously be a great boost when starting off the second round in January.

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