“These matches will determine the future of Floriana”

Statement by Floriana FC president Riccardo Gaucci.

When contacted by this website club president Riccardo Gaucci stressed out that next two matches are determining for Floriana’s future and for the faith of this season. The club president said that matches like these will give a clear indication of the club’s ambition in order to challenge for the championship, being the only club undefeated this season is surely one of the positive things about this season, however consistency is important in these crucial matches. The president also urged all the supporters to come to the stadium , and support the boys in Green in these matches and all the matches of the season.

He also sent a message to all the players to rise for the occasion and show everyone what they’re made of and that they are proud to don the Floriana jersey and that they are ambitious about doing the next step and challenge for the main honour of the season which is the championship.

“..It’s important that everyone pulls the same rope , if we work together we can achieve great things” the president ended his statement.

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Alan Michael Vella

Alan Michael Vella is a young football enthusiast with a passion for Floriana FC, he's been given the responsibility of the club's official website following a successful spell in managing the club's ...

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